See  Me,  Be  Me,  Walk  In  My  Steps
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~* ~* ~

Like this river, life flows, on and on
We start out a speck inside our Mom
Together Dad and Mom helped create us
God though had the tapestry already spun
~* ~*~
One day we were born into this world
Such joy did our parents feel
They were truly blessed to receive us whole
Their lives would be forever changed
~* ~* ~
Once in awhile, we are chosen to end
Our thread in the tapestry is pulled
We know not why, God does though
So, hard as it may be, we must trust God
~* ~* ~
When in my late twenties I became a possible Mom
The day I found out for sure, God pulled the thread
I was all alone, very devastated by the loss
I could never understand why, God knew
~ * ~ * ~

Life went on, I became happily married
We had two beautiful daughters, so precious
Each so very special in our lives
We loved them both eternally
~ * ~ * ~
Years came and went, oh so swiftly
They grew up to years of early teenager
Lives reached out for individuality
As parents we had trials and tribulations
~ * ~* ~
Our paths differed on discipline for you each
Both of us did what we thought best
At best, it was not enough, we separated
Went our separate ways, One became a hero
~ * ~ * ~
One became sort of an outcast for their choices
Lifeís River became very turbulent at best
God still was present tho, He never left me
Somehow, He pulled through the turbulent waters
~ * ~ * ~
Now life has flowed back to where we all lived
You all have families, are close and loving

For that I am very thankful, but still very alone
How can it be, I am still on the outside looking in
~ * ~* ~
Each day my heart aches for some contact
The phone goes unused, never ringing
The road goes un-traveled, in both directions
A knock at my door never happens, how sad I feel
~ * ~ * ~
I did my best, loved you all, could not survive together
Now all I ask is this, please understand, and love me
Life all to soon will be past, donít let our love be lost
See Me, Be Me, Walk In My Steps
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~* ~* ~

Written By God
And Bobbie Wilson
March 19, 2005

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