On  Butterfly  Wings
We come to you all tattered and torn
Pieces of our lives lying everywhere
The feeling of not belonging to anyone
Isolation is everywhere, it seems safer

No one to listen, No one to care
                                                              How did life become so burdensome
                                                              Our Sanity seems totally gone, and lost
                                                              What is wrong with us, can we bear it

Why is there many fears, hurts, and guilt's
Will we ever be able to feel joy and love
Are we wrong, is there any answers
Oh God, please help the answers to come

Dawn arises, sunshine comes into our lives
Sunshine is named Bonnie, a bit tattered
And torn too, from life's experiences,
Her sun shines, and the rays fall on us all

Some of us will listen, seeking recovery
If we listen, and believe, she can direct us
With much LOVE, she touches our lives
Hope and light shows at the tunnels end

Now we can start to clear all unmanageability
                                                                    Our Higher Power stood by us, didn't abandon us
                                                                    We start to accept, then clear our loses
                                                                   I admit I am wrong, and have character defects

Through prayer, Bonnie's Love and Understanding
We start to open up, share and believe
We reach to forgive ourselves and others
Making amends with honesty and sincerity

God knows His perfect timing for all things
Slowly, oh so slowly Bonnie helps us open up
Lovingly she watches us emerge from pain
Gently she puts us in her hands, holds us up

Then with undying devotion to GOD and us
Bonnie says go my dear child, you are ready
Work the steps, believe in GOD, ask for and do HIS will
Then fly, fly away, "On Butterfly Wings"

                 Written by Bobbie Wilson

                                           1997 Bobbie Wilson
                                                              All Rights Reserved

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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
August, 1997