et's Reflect Together

You have come to this page
Through reasons possibly unknown
Together, You and I are reading this
As it is being written.

Yes, as we travel down life's roads together
We end up having many broken windows
As the picture above, we share the brokenness
Only together through His spirit can we survive.

Our broken panes might be from childhood
Possibly our early teens too
Wherever they come from, we feel the pain even now
Although through praying, we can start to heal!

If we only believe, and then start to pray
He has promised us His help
If we but keep our eyes heavenward through it all
He will keep His promise, If we but give Him the chance!

In the beginning of our "Golden Years" we should be happy
Although happiness is so illusive to us anytime
We might but ask Him, Why God
He but says, "Be Still And Know That I Am God."

Written By God

and Bobbie Wilson
August 7, 2004
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