Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
Let me introduce myself. Mostly I am known as
MS Bobbie to family and friends in real time.
To my Internet friends I am known as BobbieW.

One of my passions is to create musical animated
webpage’s. Up to date I have recreated about 6
pages out of 120 that use to be on Hometown AOL
before they closed that section to open
a Blogging section .

The inspiration for creating comes totally from
the Holy Spirit. It is truly a blessing when
you do something you truly love.

I was chosen to have the gift of creation,
and organizational skills of putting together
all the elements of a web page. These Web pages
have the thread of Faith throughout.

A few times emails have come to me from people
who ran across my pages for one reason or another?
They honestly shared with me that they had been
on the verge of taking their own life, reason
being, their despair was to great to handle!

The particular page they came upon helped
them to gain hope, and faith, and the ability to
go on in life, to face another day. It is almost
indescribable how that made me feel.

God had used me to help save another’s life. If
I had not been obedient to the Lord, another soul
would have been lost to total and utter despair.

If we are all honest with ourselves, we have
all been there. The place of total and complete
utter despair. The Lord promised to never leave
or forsake us once we accepted Him into our lives.

One never knows why we go through such utter
heartbreaking trials. God does though, and
Believe this, He is weaving a
Master Tapestry Of Life.

Created by God
And Bobbie Wilson
March 30, 2005
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