This page is dedicated to my " Good And Faithful Friend"
Ms Ginnie Linvill
The Foggy Path Of Life !

The minute we are born

We enter "The Foggy Path Of Life"
Little do we know what lies around the next bend

As we enter each path, will our lives be filled with strife

Where oh Lord will "The Foggy Path Of Life" lead us
You say my child do not concern yourself
With your mind and heart on me lovingly move ahead
Please don't ever forget I am in control of every moment

The path to the right looks un-passable to your eyes
Remember I have planned it all for you
So with unending trust walk ahead, run if you must
But on this "The Foggy Path Of Life" you must tread

Just when you think you are totally lost and forlorn

The grace for you to overcome will come to you complete
Then even if your eyes are closed you will overcome
For God will supply a special friend for you to share with

When you seem to have all bends and no straight ways
It is in these times that I am molding you, to help others
For how else would you know what to say or do
To reach out to those around you who truly need you

So on this "The Foggy Path Of Life" reach out
Extend your heart, mind, body, and soul unselfishly
Know that you are doing what shall please the Lord
And bring all the honor and Glory to Him, His son, and Spirit

Around the next bend for you the foggy mist will lift
Then you will know you have walked this
"The Foggy Path Of Life" well, You shall then hear
"You have done well my good and faithful friend"

written by God
and Bobbie Wilson

January 20, 2001

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